Results Driven Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem

STZ Token is a utility token, initially ERC-20, that is designed to be the medium of transaction, utility, and attribution for e-sports and blockchain-based games to promote the play-to-earn concept to a wider audience.

STZ will be bridged to all major blockchains hosting the most popular non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystems in order to enable transactions between multi-platform players and communities.

99Starz is headquartered in Dubai, led by an international team that has been playing and growing NFT games since 2019. Our team is bridging a critical gap in growing play-to-earn as a movement to a wider audience around the world, with emphasis on Europe, the Middle East, and North America.

Play-to-earn has clearly demonstrated that it can be a force multiplier of social good, especially for the less privileged (e.g. the positive influence of Axie Infinity in the Philippines). This is evident in developed countries as well, such as in the EU, where almost 100 million people are at risk of social exclusion due to poverty, exacerbated by COVID.

Strategic partnership with Animoca Brands allows 99Starz to have early access to many of the most promising play-to-earn games. This aligns with their mission to deliver digital property rights and more digital equity to the world. Animoca Brands is one of the most prominent investors in NFT and blockchain gaming. It owns the Sandbox, F1 Deltatime, Phantom Galaxies, Gamee, Crazy Defense Heroes, as well as investing in Opensea, Axie Infinity, Nine Chronicles, Treeverse, Alien Worlds, Chain Guardians, Splinterlands, DeRace, Lympo, Star Atlas, and many more.

Advisors and founders of the group have been involved in play-to-earn since 2019 and are owners and players of some of the most famous NFT gaming projects since their inception. After three years in the play-to-earn ecosystem, our team has the first-mover advantage and strong experience.

OUR VISION: The Metaverse Gig Economy

  • 99Starz will be the gig economy of the metaverse

  • Our ecosystem provides a short-term or job-by-job basis to gamers who wish to earn passive income

Like Uber, where anyone with a car can tap into Uber's transportation gig economy … anyone with an internet connection and STZ tokens can tap into 99Starz Metaverse gig economy.

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