Asset Leasing Marketplace

The 99Starz Asset Leasing marketplace will allow asset holders to earn revenue by lending or leasing their assets to players who would otherwise have to face high entry barriers in the rapidly growing blockchain gaming world.

Furthermore, it will also solve the problem of unused NFTs with utility and will generate new revenue streams for the NFT holders, not only for gaming but also for art, collectibles, and other typologies of NFTs. This way, it will make this feature perfect for wider adoption by the entire NFT space.

Asset leasing will be based on a smart contract and will allow the lenders to generate additional revenue from the results of the 99Starz ecosystem.

99Starz lending platform will allow users to lend/rent assets from different games, platforms and protocols, making it a cross-chain solution.

Initially, it will be a “membership leasing program”, where only 99Starz lends its assets to its community members (upon certain conditions). In the following development stage, we will open this lending feature to all actors in the market, from NFT issuers to gaming studios to generic players and NFT owners.

STZ is used both for accessing the vault for assets to play with and (in the future) to deposit assets into the vault to facilitate generating benefits from future activities in the form of STZ.

One of the challenges of third-party leasing/renting of in-game assets is ensuring that the leased assets can be utilized across the blockchain game, as experienced in the likes of F1 DeltaTime. This is because custody of assets is defined by wallet ownership. Providing private keys to third parties is a security risk because they could potentially withdraw your expensive NFTs (some gaming NFTs are currently valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars).

Additionally, we believe that, in the future, assets will have multiple purposes and use cases where an asset will be used in more than one play-to-earn game. 99Starz will aim to maximize yield by procuring utility beyond the original game or other use cases (e.g. DeFi).

The solution is a new kind of smart contract wallet that allows the lender to control the wallet and the use of its assets without losing control. Only the original owner of the wallet (i.e. the origin wallet) may withdraw the assets, and only to and from the original wallet used as a deposit address. 99Starz has secured various agreements with blockchain game companies to support its new wallet variant when it is ready for mass use.

STZ holders will have special access to the marketplace. They will also get access to multiple levels of leasing program options based on the level of their membership, which will also be based on the amount of staked STZ. This will determine their role and privileges in the ecosystem, allowing them to lend more assets or receive better quotes for leasing. Only STZ tokens will be used to pay the marketplace fees.

Smart Contracts Audit

  • 99Starz smart contracts will be audited by industry-leading third party providers for total transparency and safety

  • Our third party auditor will meticulously investigate our code to find security flaws and vulnerabilities before the code is publicly deployed

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