(as of September 2021)

Our community will be open to joining, learning, and trying any of the games we are involved in. A fast soft approach to play-to-earn for millions of users.

With the help of the 99starz team, users will be able to enter the 99starz membership model and join one of the three ranks: Master, Captain, or Player.

The composition of The Masters will initially be determined by the core 99starz team. In the future, this may be governed by a DAO, based on the STZ holding structure.

The Captains’ members will be determined by individual Masters, and the Players will be onboarded by the Captains.

We are currently in the process of developing a governance structure that rewards these subactivities while letting people opt into the activities they care about the most and receive compensation based on their time and contribution.

We will also create special quests that members can perform and become eligible for rewards.

The main incentive model consists of three flow periods:

  • Rewards of the whole team will be accumulated in the Gaming Yield Vault

  • As per our tokenomics, 27.44% of total supply is set to acquire NFT gaming assets

  • The newly-bought STZs will be used for rewarding members based on their gaming results, their time, and contribution

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